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Quality Media You Can Rely On

Have you had discs duplicated before, and had trouble playing them back?
Has somebody printed discs for you, and used a printed circular label stuck to the top of the disc?

The cause of playback issues is normally down to sub-standard media, or burning the discs at the wrong speed. Sticky labels come with their own problems, they change how the disc spins and can cause damage not only to the disc, but possibly your drive or player too.

120% More Love

Brace Media are specialists in providing the right discs, at the highest quality, within budget, and on time.

When we duplicate discs, we don’t use second rate media; it is always either Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden, or other ‘Grade A+’ media. Our belief in quality is backed by these brand names so that your discs are always as reliable as possible.

When we manufacture discs for larger runs of 500 or more, our plants always work to the highest and most stringent quality levels, so your CDs and DVDs will work flawlessly.

And you won’t find us using cheap inks to make more money when printing your discs either.

No matter which print method you decide to use, our inks and processes will always be the best you can get, printed directly on to the surface of the disc, not on a label.

We live and breathe the idea of giving you the best, that’s our promise to you.

Disc and Print Types:

We offer four different methods of print on our discs. These range in both quality and suitability for different jobs.

  • Inkjet is quick and decent enough for full colour images such as photos, and can be used for quantities of 50 to 500 – beyond that it’s not really worth spending your money on, as other options are cheaper.
  • Thermal is also good for full colour images but with richer blacks and dark shades, and a stunning protective gloss laquer over the print. Again, good for 50-500 units – not cheap but it is quick to produce.
  • Silkscreen is a retail-grade print which can be done on 200 to millions of units, and is excellent for images with flat areas of the same colour. It can also utilise special colours and inks known as Pantones (the print equivalent of Dulux paints with named colours). Print quality will be the same as music CDs / DVD movies you buy from a shop!
  • Offset litho print is the second retail-grade level of print, and is perfect again for full colour images such as photos. Quantity again is 200 or more, to millions, with quality the same as discs bought from a shop.

The different disc print methods carry different costs. However, your investment will be lower if you choose a slower turnaround time, and costs per unit also reduce with greater quantity. DVD discs do cost more than CDs, because they can hold at least 6 times as much information.

Discs and packaging start from 50 units. For printed inserts, order quantity must be 100 units or more.

With Brace Media, there are no hidden costs, and shipping is FREE to one UK address.

If you need more than 50,000 units, or need some other bespoke packaging, get in touch and we will do everything we can to help.